Meet Dumont

When I launched my first business after years in higher education, I thought my expertise and passion were enough to attract my 100% right-fit clients.

I was wrong.

I didn’t know how to market myself to the people who needed me most. I had clients but not always my ideal clients, and I didn’t have a consistent income stream.

I was trapped in the feast or famine cycle.

I spent way too much time and money chasing after solutions that were too big, too expensive and too time-consuming for a solopreneur.

Things finally started to click when I took a course in personal branding.

For the first time, I felt comfortable that my professional brand was truly representative of who I am.

It was a total game changer!

I developed a system to promote my brand online and off and created a pipeline of my 100% right-fit clients.

No more feast or famine.

It worked so well for me, I knew it would work for other small business owners, too. I made it my business to learn everything I could about personal branding and LinkedIn. I pursued multiple certifications in personal branding and social media strategy, culmination in being certified as one of a few dozen Master Personal Brand Strategists in the world.

Today, I help my clients discover and promote their brands online to attract and convert their ideal clients and customers.

My gift is taking big corporate strategies and right-sizing them for the Not So Big Biz™.

My clients are crazy busy entrepreneurs who wear lots of hats and don’t have time to waste building social media buzz by trial and error. They have big ideas, big dreams, and they need clients and customers now!

I offer step-by-step guidance that incorporates private coaching and/or video training to help them generate more traffic, more leads and more revenue.

Sometimes on the road to success, we need a trusted guide to help us build, grow, and flourish.

I offer a few free consultations each month. Check availability here: